2020 Kia Sorento in Canada

2020 Kia Sorento in Canada

The Kia Sorento is a mid-size crossover SUV that offers versatility, comfort and safety. With a spacious interior, modern technologies, and optimal safety features, it’s the ideal vehicle for adventurous families that demand a lot around town or need to escape into the wilderness.

Key Features of the Kia Sorento

As a mid-size crossover SUV, the Kia Sorento is designed for adventurous drivers. Performance features of the Kia Sorento include:

  • Available 3.3L V6 GDI engine with 290 horsepower
  • Up to 2,260kg of towing capacity
  • Available 8-speed automatic transmission
  • Drive Mode Select for adjusting power delivery, transmission shift points and steering feedback
  • UVO intelligence for remote start, diagnostic information and maintenance alerts

As the highest-ranked mid-size SUV in initial quality by J.D. Power, the Kia Sorento is equipped to ensure that you and your family get the vehicle you need. With multiple options available, you can customize your Sorento to add value to your family vehicle.


2020 Kia Sorento in Canada

A History of Safety

The Kia Sorento arrived in Canada in 2008. During that year, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) gave the mid-size crossover their highest safety rating of five stars. This rating is based on a number of factors:

  • Frontal crash test scenario –testing the impact on drivers and passengers during a head-on collision
  • Side Pole Crash Test Scenario – evaluating the impact on passengers when the vehicle slides sideways into a stationary object
  • Side Barrier Crash Test Scenario – simulating the results of a stationary test vehicle being hit by a moving vehicle
  • Rollover Resistance Test Scenario – replicating a vehicle departing the road and rolling over

As the focus on safety remains as a priority, the advancements of the Sorento series included upgrades to performance, power and comfort over the years. Today, the Kia Sorento still remains the best in safety ratings, along with having all the necessary systems to keep drivers engaged, comfortable and adventurous through all types of Canadian road conditions and weather.


2020 Kia Sorento in Canada
2020 Kia Sorento in Canada

Side-Impact Door Beams

The side-impact door beams absorb the energy of the collision when a crash occurs. The high-strength steel used helps protect passengers at the point of impact, and keep them safe from outdoor hazards.

Extensive Airbag System

The Kia Sorento is loaded with driver’s side, passenger’s side, side-impact, and curtain airbags and sensors to keep all passengers safe. Airbags deploy during critical accidents in order to protect occupants from the effects of the impact.

Where Do You Put a Car Seat in a Kia Sorento?

Car seats can be installed using seatbelts or lower anchors and tethers for children (LATCH). Seatbelts and LATCH equipment are available on both 2nd- and 3rd-row seating units. Both methods are safe but are in place for differing weights and designs of car seats.

Kia Sorento System Features

When designing the Kia Sorento, the importance of style, space and safety remained high on the list of priorities. A multitude of electronic systems and sensors helps to protect drivers, passengers and other motorists on the road.

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

The ABS prevents wheels from locking up during braking. By helping to avoid skidding and maintain tractive contact with the road surface, your vehicle is able to stop more quickly during any Canadian weather condition.

Brake Assist System (BAS)

With electronic sensors and an intelligent onboard computer, the BAS saves critical seconds and helps you avoid an accident. It works in conjunction with the ABS to help your vehicle stop as quickly as possible.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

The ESC is a computerized technology that improves vehicle stability. The ESC works with the braking and steering systems to minimize loss of control and helps to regain traction.

With advanced active safety systems in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your Kia Sorento is ready to handle any situation quickly, effectively and safely.

Kia’s DynaMax AWD System

The Kia Sorento is equipped with the DynaMax intelligent all-wheel drive (AWD) system. Compared to other AWD systems that can only react to situations after they occur, the DynaMax anticipates hazards to maximize performance at the highest level of safety.

The DynaMax AWD system helps drivers with:

  • Better acceleration in inclement weather
  • Improved traction and towing
  • Advanced dry handling and cornering
  • Better resale value

By distributing traction forces, DynaMax helps the Kia Sorento allocate the right amount of torque to the front and rear axles. It allows drivers to handle various situations with optimal distribution, creating better handling, performance and safety.

Get Behind the Wheel of a Kia Sorento in Canada

The Kia Sorento is built for adventure but made with quality, care and safety in mind. Packed with modern technology, performance features, and safety equipment, you can test-drive one today.