Top 10 Questions About Buying a Kia Soul in Ontario

Top 10 Questions About Buying a Kia Soul in Ontario

The Kia Soul adds personality to your life. It’s fun, trendy and iconic. The Kia Soul is a vehicle that allows you to establish your own identity on the road while driving with full control and simplicity. 

Have you been wondering, should I buy a Kia Soul? Here are ten reasons why this subcompact vehicle is a desirable option in Ontario.

 Is the Kia Soul Reliable? 

Yes, it’s a solid vehicle. You can rest assured the Kia Soul is a reliable option because it’s easy to drive with adequate performance levels from its powertrain options.  

You get a 147 horsepower base engine on the 2020 edition and can drive with a combination of smoothness and speed on the highway. Furthermore, it has a large cargo capacity, user-friendly tech features, and comes with a 100,000 km powertrain warranty, the best warranty available for a compact car. 

Is the Kia Soul Expensive to Insure? 

The Kia Soul is an affordable SUV and, as a result, it comes with relatively affordable insurance costs.Of course, the rate is unique to your situation and depends on how clean your driving record is. 

The Kia Soul, and most Kia brands, for that matter, are relatively affordable to insure due to the vehicles’ price points and manageable repair costs.

Buying a Kia Soul in Ontario

Are Kia Souls Four-Wheel Drive?

Typically, no. The Kia Soul is a front-engine, front-wheel-drive offering, which means that come wintertime, studless ice and snow tires will very well come in handy.  

The good thing about the Kia Soul is that it has smart active systems, which allow you to sense trickier conditions and adapt accordingly. The Kia Soul comes equipped with Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist, Smart Cruise Control that allows you to sense the traffic flow, and Advanced Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist.

How Much Does a Kia Soul Weigh?

The Kia Soul is a five-seater that can hold cargo up to 530 L (18.7 cu. ft). If you lower the floor, the cargo capacity goes up to 23.4 cu. ft. If you fold the rear seats, you’re looking at 62.1 cu. ft worth of space.

Does the Kia Soul Have a CD Player? 

It doesn’t, but there are more modern technologies to play your favourite songs; the Kia Soul caters to such advancements. 

Instead of a CD player, the Kia Soul comes with the Harmon Kardon Speaker audio system, featuring steering wheel-mounted audio controls. The system, however, is only available for the EX Limited and GT-Line Limited trims of the Kia Soul. 

Why Are Kia Souls So Popular?  

For one, the Kia Soul combines the benefits of a car and a crossover. It has the handling efficiency and value of the former as well as the ride height and cargo volume of the latter. 

The interior is full of soft-touch materials while the exterior includes a gloss black grille with chrome accents, a rear bumper silver accent and body-coloured door handles. 

The Kia Soul resonates with people because of its unique design and all-around convenience. 

Can a Kia Soul Tow a Camper? 

Yes, it can, specifically pop-up campers. The Kia Soul has a four-cylinder engine and a hitch that has enough power to tow such aerodynamic campers. The car can tow up to 550 kg (1,200 lbs). 

How Well Does It Drive at Night? 

The Kia Soul drives well at night, thanks to high-tech exterior illumination, ultra-bright high-intensity discharge headlights, which makes for simpler navigation. It also has bright LED tail lights, giving you lots of shine on either side of the rear liftgate. 

Can You Connect Your Phone to the Kia Soul? 

With the inclusion of the optional UVO eServices app, you can pair your mobile device with the Kia Soul. The app allows you to access vehicle diagnostics as well as emergency roadside assistance. There’s also a USB charging port and a wireless phone charger when you need it too. 

Does the Kia Soul Have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto? 

Yes, indeed. You can safely connect with your phone hands-free by using both apps to access text and messaging services as well as navigation.

If you would like to discover more or are still wondering, should I buy a Kia Soul, visit Mississauga Kia today!