Tips On How To Avoid A Speeding Ticket

avoid speeding ticket

Unless you like going to court, there’s only one way to avoid having to pay traffic tickets. That’s not getting them in the first place! If you follow the rules of the road and stay under the limit, then you’ll never have to worry about receiving traffic tickets.

If you do find yourself with a speeding ticket-no one’s perfect-then be sure to pay it off as soon as possible to avoid fines or legal actions in the future. Speeding fines cost enough to begin with, so don’t make them even more painful to your pocketbook.

Check out Mississauga Kia’s tips on how to avoid a speeding ticket and other traffic tickets so you can keep more money in your pocket, and your car on the road.

Drive within the Posted Speed Limit
This part is obvious. Or is it? Many people believe that you can drive up to 10 km/hr above the speed limit, but this is a common misconception. Even if you go only a few kilometers-per-hour over the speed limit, you are risking a speeding ticket. The more you go over the limit, the larger the fine and the more demerits that could go on your license. Set your cruise control at a speed between two and five kilometers per hour less than the allowed speed to be safe.

Always Come to a Complete Stop
Try to get out of the habit of rolling stops. When you approach a stop sign or a red light, always come to complete stop. That doesn’t mean screech to a halt and accelerate as quickly as possible. A complete stop means you need to be stopped for three full seconds before proceeding.

Always Use Your Turn Signals
It doesn’t matter where you are. Be it a parking lot, highway, or a backcountry road, you should be using your turn signals before making a left or right turn. This isn’t just to avoid a ticket. It’s also important to let other drivers know of your intentions so you can avoid an accident, or potentially making another driver angry.

Be Careful Where You Park
When you park, you need to make sure it’s legal. Be sure to buy enough time if you are using a metered parking space. If you’re parking on a road, always check for parking signs and know the rules before you leave your vehicle.

Keep Your Vehicle Properly Maintained
If you have a busted taillight, one bad headlight, a leaky exhaust, or your vehicle is deemed unsafe to drive you could be faced with a variety of fines or even have your vehicle impounded.

Be Extra Careful in School Zones
If you are going more than the posted speed limit in a school zone, and during school hours, you will not only receive a ticket but your fine could be double what you would normally have to pay for a speeding ticket.

Don’t Drive Recklessly
While the Dukes of Hazzard might make it look like fun, pulling stunts such as doing donuts in a parking lot can get you a ticket and also be dangerous for passersby.