What Are Some of the High-End Kia Vehicles?

High End Kia Vehicles Mississauga Kia

Kia Redefines Luxury

Kia has had a long-standing reputation for high-quality, affordable, expertly designed vehicles. Specifically, Kia premium cars, like the Kia Stinger, Kia Telluride and the Kia Cadenza offer incredible driving experiences that are luxurious, technology-enabled, extremely comfortable and award-winning. Here are some of the more popular high-end Kia vehicles:

Kia Stinger

High End Kia Vehicles - Mississauga Kia

The Kia Stinger is not only one of the sleekest high-end Kia vehicles, but it is also an award-winning model. In 2018, this lush looking, high-powered, sporty sedan was named as a finalist for the 2018 North American Car of the Year; it won Motoring TV's 2018 Car of the Year Award, the 2018 IF Product Design Award, and Autoguide.com's 2018 Car of the Year award. The 2019 model won the 2019 Car of the Year Award from the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada.

What's all the buzz about this very special Kia premium car? It's no surprise that this automobile has racked up all of these awards. This is a car that delivers on performance, boasts a  luxuriously comfortable interior and features, and is safe to drive as well. You can take it out on the open road or take it around town for your everyday excursions.

The Kia Stinger’s powerful engine gives a boost up to 365hp. The all-wheel-drive system provides incredible traction, which is just one of the reasons that the ride is so smooth. It has a Torque Vectoring Control System that comes standard on the Stinger, which lets you adjust power to specific wheels, putting you in the driver’s seat in a whole other way.

The Kia Stinger’s headlights are adaptive to driving conditions; the roofline is streamlined for a sleek aesthetic look that is also aerodynamic. The interior has cool features like a wireless charger and an in-console multimedia centre. No question, this is one of the very best of Kia’s premium cars.

Kia Telluride

High End Kia Vehicles Kia Telluride Mississauga Kia

This high-end Kia demonstrates that you don't have to choose to have a luxury vehicle or a family-friendly vehicle. With the Kia Telluride, you can have both. For busy, active families who like to surround themselves with comfort and sleek styling on the road and off, this is a perfect choice.

Sometimes SUVs have to sacrifice handling for the sake of space and size, but that isn't the case with the Telluride. With seven different drive terrain modes and up to 291hp under the hood, this SUV is able to handle all sorts of roadways powerfully, smoothly and safely, no matter what you're driving on.

It has a towing capacity of up to 2267kg, which means you can easily bring your bikes, kayaks or whatever else your sporty family likes to bring along for the ride. With the ability to seat up to 8 passengers comfortably, this is ideal for carpooling or for longer road trips, where each family member can have invaluable personal space.

Speaking of road trips, the Kia Telluride has an excellent, user-friendly multimedia system (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come standard) that will keep everyone entertained. The driver can decide to mute the front speakers or activate the Driver Talk feature, which lets them talk to the passengers in the back, muting the multimedia when they choose.

Safety is always important, but even more so when driving your family. It has excellent safety features like Safe Exit Assist, which detects when a vehicle is approaching you from behind, so kids don’t jump out of the car. It also helps to prevent collisions from behind with the Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Avoidance Assist feature.

Kia Cadenza

High End Kia Vehicles Cadenza Mississauga Kia

This high-end Kia is elegantly styled but doesn't hold back in performance or with safety features. This luxury sedan has also received nods in the awards department, with the 2019 model winning the 2019 IIHS Top Safety Pick.

Standard automatic power mirrors have integrated LED turn signal repeaters, which look chic and offer safety benefits, along with smart technologies that define luxury. The steering is smooth, and also has Lane Assist technology; Advanced Smart Cruise Control detects the speed of drivers in front of you and slows you down accordingly; a push button start is another high-end feature that adds to a driver’s convenience and comfort.

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