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How to Make your Kia More Eco-Friendly Mississauga Kia

With spring’s arrival in Ontario, people in Mississauga are getting ready to hit the road more frequently and for longer periods. You’re also probably making plans for what to do now that the temperature is warmer, and the days are getting longer. However, beyond giving your vehicle a much-needed spring maintenance, there’s another thing you can keep an eye on this year: a need to go green! The environment, unfortunately, is facing an accelerated rate of change beyond anything that that earth has seen before....Read More

Whats New From Kia in 2019

Mississauga Kia is gearing up for another summer with some great additions to its line-up! If you're looking for a new Kia vehicle, let's tell you more about the new Kia Soul, Sportage, and Telluride. Here's what we've got in store for you this year. The Kia Soul The “sub-compact crossover” has always been an unusual niche, but Kia continues to dominate this segment with the Kia Soul....Read More

Kia Check Engine Light

There’s always that momentary feeling of panic when you see the yellow-orange glow of your engine light. But before you lose your cool, consider what your Kia check engine light actually means. It might not be as bad as you think! A lit up warning light in your Kia Soul, for example, could indicate something as simple as a loose gas cap....Read More


Your vehicle’s check engine light turns on. Then it starts wheezing like Puff the Magic Dragon. Should you be concerned? This is a question we often get at the Mississauga Kia service department. Unfortunately, it’s not one that’s easy to answer. The best answer we can usually give is “possibly....Read More


Some of the most common questions we get about oil go back to the age-old debate of regular versus synthetic oil. Is synthetic oil better for your car? Is it worth the extra cost? Can you switch from regular to synthetic oil, or from synthetic to regular? Let’s get your questions answered! Price Although synthetic motor oil is more expensive than conventional oil, you should use it if that’s what the vehicle manual specifies....Read More


Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. That’s why it always has its oil change interval laid out in the owner’s manual. There’s no question that it can be a good idea to change your oil more often than what your manual suggests. But what kind of schedule should you stick to? If you choose to do your own oil changes, be sure to get the correct filter and oil for your engine....Read More


Properly maintaining your tires is the first step of proper tire safety. The top tire blowout causes include improperly inflated tires, tires that are excessively worn, and tires that are damaged due to road hazards. It’s not a good idea to drive on flat tires for any distance, so it’s a good idea to know how to change a flat tire safely, as well as how to recognize the 5 warning signs you may need new tires....Read More


It’s important for the safety and performance of your vehicle to choose the proper size and type of tire. There is a range of tires available, and some tires of the same size will be rated for different uses. For example, SUV tires and truck tires are rated differently because truck tires are designed to handle the weight of a payload....Read More