Tire Maintenance Tips


Your tires are the only connection between your car and the road. Keeping them in good shape is important for the safety, handling, and performance of your vehicle. That also makes them one of the most important parts of your vehicle, apart from your brakes, engine, and transmission.

So, check out Mississauga Kia’s Tire Maintenance Tips on how to check your tread depth, tire pressure, rotate your tires, and other ways to keep your tires in good shape. We also have tips on what you need to know about winter tires, and a list of 5 warning signs you could need new tires.

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Balancing and Alignment
If your tires aren’t balanced, you will notice a vibration at highway speeds. This can cause uneven tire wear, reduce the life of your tires, and can also cause suspension damage over time. Tire balancing and wheel alignment are two entirely different things, but are equally important. Wheel balancing is a procedure that ensures that the weight of the wheel is distributed evenly to improve performance and wear, making sure the tires spin without causing any vibrations.

Wheel alignment refers to the angle the wheels are adjusted. Wheels should be perfectly parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground, or they will also wear quickly. If your vehicle pulls to one side at higher speeds, then this signifies an alignment issue. Things like potholes and other things that jar the suspension of your car can throw off your alignment.

Tire Rotation
Every time you change your tires at Mississauga Kia, we rotate them for you. This maintenance procedure is so easy that you can do it yourself, as long as you are capable of changing your own tires. The process of tire rotation just means switching the front and rear tires of your vehicle to promote even wear on your front and rear tires.

If you were to leave your tires on without rotating them, you would eventually notice an uneven wear pattern. The reason for this is that the front and rear of your vehicle have different weights, and this weight is not distributed evenly across all four corners of your car. Uneven tread wear is unavoidable, however, you can limit it by swapping the front and rear tires at every tire change, or roughly every time you change your oil.

Your car’s owner’s manual should tell you how frequently tire rotation is recommended. Schedules range from every 5,000 to 12,000 km. Rotating tires requires no technical knowledge. All you need is a jack and jack stands so you can change your tires yourself.

Your owner’s manual will have details on the tire rotation pattern and recommended an interval for your particular vehicle. In general, as long as you put the rear tires on the front of your car, and the front tires on the rear, and stay consistent in your rotation pattern, you will be fine. Some vehicles require different patterns. Unidirectional tires shouldn’t be crossed over, and older bias ply tires should also not be crossed. If your vehicle has different size tires on the front and rear, obviously you can’t switch them. In such a case, simply move rights to the left and vice versa.

Don’t overlook tire rotation. Just a few minutes of maintenance will keep your tires wearing evenly, improving your car’s handling and overall performance.

Tire Inflation
Properly inflated tires last longer, give you better gas mileage and improve your handling. Most tire problems are caused by improperly inflated tires, but checking your tire pressure is also one of the easiest procedures that you can do to help your tires last.

Check the driver’s side door panel for a guide on the tire pressures for your vehicle. Tire pressures will vary depending on the load you are carrying. If you are carrying a very heavy load in your vehicle, then you will have to increase the PSI of your tires. While running tires at higher pressures will improve your fuel mileage, too high of pressure will cause uneven tire wear, a less comfortable ride, and will also be harder on your car’s suspension.

It’s important to check your tire pressure at least once a month with a tire gauge or have it checked the next time it’s in for service at Mississauga Kia. When you service with us, we can also check the tire tread depth to ensure your tires are within safety specs.