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Road Trip Safety Tips and Checklist - Mississauga Kia

It is the perfect time for a road trip! However, before you and your family hit the open road, take some time to prepare your car for travel. It can help with your car’s performance, as well as keep you safe on the roads. Here is a road trip safety checklist to follow. Road Travel Safety Tips Accidents happen, but you can reduce the likelihood simply by planning ahead....Read More

5 Common Roadside Emergencies in Summer & How to Handle Them Mississauga Kia

With summer on the way, more and more people are thinking about hopping into their car and hitting the road for some sun and fun. While we all hope to have a trouble-free experience when we’re driving to our summer destinations, we can’t always count on it. Emergencies just happen. So how do you prepare for them? Five common roadside emergencies can happen to any driver this summer, but here’s how you handle them....Read More

How to Make your Kia More Eco-Friendly Mississauga Kia

With spring’s arrival in Ontario, people in Mississauga are getting ready to hit the road more frequently and for longer periods. You’re also probably making plans for what to do now that the temperature is warmer, and the days are getting longer. However, beyond giving your vehicle a much-needed spring maintenance, there’s another thing you can keep an eye on this year: a need to go green!   The environment, unfortunately, is facing an accelerated rate of change beyond anything that that earth has seen before....Read More


Properly maintaining your tires is the first step of proper tire safety. The top tire blowout causes include improperly inflated tires, tires that are excessively worn, and tires that are damaged due to road hazards. It’s not a good idea to drive on flat tires for any distance, so it’s a good idea to know how to change a flat tire safely, as well as how to recognize the 5 warning signs you may need new tires....Read More


It’s important for the safety and performance of your vehicle to choose the proper size and type of tire. There is a range of tires available, and some tires of the same size will be rated for different uses. For example, SUV tires and truck tires are rated differently because truck tires are designed to handle the weight of a payload....Read More


Your tires are the only connection between your car and the road. Keeping them in good shape is important for the safety, handling, and performance of your vehicle. That also makes them one of the most important parts of your vehicle, apart from your brakes, engine, and transmission. So, check out Mississauga Kia’s Tire Maintenance Tips on how to check your tread depth, tire pressure, rotate your tires, and other ways to keep your tires in good shape....Read More


The recommended tire pressure for your vehicle depends on a number of factors including the weight of your vehicle, application, tire size, and whether you will be driving on or off the road. You can usually find the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle by looking at the sticker on the driver’s side door jamb....Read More


Winter is hard on your vehicle, and hard on you, too. Make it a little bit easier by following our winter car maintenance tips so that you’re prepared for when the temperature drops. Things like keeping an emergency kit in your car and making sure that your car battery is in good condition can be more than helpful-they can save your life if you find yourself stranded in sub-zero conditions....Read More

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