Category: Vehicle Maintenance

The booster cables and discharged battery, cold winter day

Every car should have a roadside emergency kit with jumper cables. Whether your battery is dead, or you need to jump start someone else's vehicle, it's a good idea to have them because you can never guarantee that you'll find someone else with a set when you need them. If your vehicle is regularly losing its charge, then you may have a faulty battery....Read More

Refill and filling Oil Gas Fuel at station

Fuel costs add up. Sometimes it feels like you’re watching your life pass before your eyes as you fill up at the gas pumps. Using less fuel also reduces pollution, and the same tips that save you fuel also save wear and tear on your vehicle. While buying a new vehicle is one way to reduce your fuel costs, there are a number of fuel-saving tips that will help you save on gas no matter what vehicle you drive....Read More