Kia Fleet Vehicles & Commercial Car Lease Programs In Mississauga

Fleet Vehicles & Commercial Car Lease Programs at Mississauga Kia

Kia Fleet Vehicles & Commercial Car Lease Programs

At Mississauga Kia, we carry all Kia brands and have a large inventory of fleet and commercial cars and SUVs in stock. Kia cars are an excellent choice for your business given their reliability and fuel efficiency, and their stylish design will make you stand out.

Our fleet manager specializes in commercial and fleet vehicle sales and will assist you through the entire process to ensure you select the right vehicle for your business. Additionally, our sales and service team is ready to answer all your questions and can assist with your financing and service needs.

If your business operates in Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Brampton, or Toronto, then let us take care of all your fleet vehicle needs.

Kia FAN (Fleet Account Number) Savings
If your business currently operates five or more vehicles or is looking to purchase three or more Kia vehicles for commercial use, we will help you acquire a Kia Fleet Account number. This entitles you to large discounts and no-charge, work-ready equipment like shelving and partitions in cargo vans or toolboxes and accessories in pickup trucks.

Why Lease a Fleet Vehicle?
Leasing a commercial fleet can be a smart choice for your business. If you’re trying to decide on fleet leasing versus buying, then consider that when you lease a fleet you are paying for only your period of use and not ownership. This lets you preserve your capital and invest it in other areas of your business. Leasing also gives you tax benefits with deductions that you can use to offset your profits. Contact our fleet manager for more information on whether leasing or purchasing a fleet vehicle is the better option for your business.

Fleet Vehicle Maintenance
Mississauga Kia takes care of all of your fleet needs, from acquisition to maintenance. Make an appointment at our Service Department and we will help you keep the wheels of your business turning with minimal downtime. Get on the road with Mississauga Kia!

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