Mississauga Kia's Tips For Dealing With Aggressive Drivers

Aggressive Drivers

When drivers start taking out their frustrations on others, it can get dangerous on the road. Accidents aren’t the only danger. Violent and aggressive drivers may also take out their frustrations through physical aggression and confrontation. So, how do you deal with these road rage situations? In some cases, you might need to get the police involved, but if no one is there at the time of the incident you will still need to fend for yourself until they arrive.

We all know that driving while angry is a bad idea, but we still do it. If you find yourself facing an angry or aggressive driver on the road, follow Mississauga Kia’s defensive driving tips to diffuse the situation and avoid an accident or confrontation.

Avoid Getting Them Angry in the First Place
Drivers don’t always start out angry. Sometimes something happens to set them off. There are a number of ways to avoid getting other drivers in the first place. Here are a few simple tips to keep you safe on the roads and not bothering anyone around you.

Be cautious and courteous
Practice safe and defensive driving strategies. If you drive well and according to the rules, then you are less likely to frustrate others. For example, always signal before changing lanes and be sure that you are far enough in front of another driver to avoid cutting them of. If you plan on making a turn, give plenty of advanced timing with your turn signal light to let other drivers know your intent.

Do not tailgate
As a rule of thumb, try to stay at least three or four car lengths behind the vehicle in front of you. People get very annoyed with tailgaters, and it creates a danger for both the vehicle in front and the vehicle behind by reducing your reaction time in a case you need to brake or accelerate quickly. Keep in mind that if you end up rear-ending someone by following too close, you will be at fault.

Don’t make inappropriate gestures
There will always be certain times when we feel like making various rude gestures to a driver who may have just cut us off or has been driving inconsiderately. However this is something you should refrain from doing as it could have the effect of setting the other driver off and causing a severe case of road rage. Holding back on your inclination to make gestures or faces towards another driver could make all the difference.

Stay off the horn
Having someone honking at you when there is nothing you can do is an incredibly frustrating situation. You may just try and ignore it but not everyone has that ability. The more you honk the more you are going to annoy the driver in front of you, something that can easily set off a case of road rage.

What to Do If You Can’t Avoid a Confrontation
Sometimes you can’t avoid someone with road rage. While the confrontation may be just verbal, there are still some ways that you can deal with the situation.

Stay in your vehicle
If someone approaches you aggressively, stay in your car. If you get out of the car, you are inviting the person to argue with you. Instead, lock your doors and stay seated.

Call 911
A cell phone can be a savior in the event of a number of different emergencies. If you are being approached by someone looking for confrontation and you feel the situation may become violent, call the police and have them come and diffuse the situation.

Roll your window down a crack
Depending on how angry the other party is you may be able to talk to them a bit from inside your vehicle. Be reasonable and rational and try to maintain your cool at all times. If you don’t give them any reason to become violent then they will likely calm down and walk away.

Park in a public area
If the aggressive driver follows you make sure not to pull your vehicle over and stop until you are in a well-lit area filled with people. The more witnesses in the area, the less the chances that this person is going to try and get violent with you. If you’re lucky there may even be a police station nearby which would be the perfect place for you to pull in and park.