Mississauga Kia's Basic Car Maintenance Tips

Close-up of mechanic repairing an engine

Your car depends on a number of advanced systems, working together, to keep running efficiently on the road. Just like the human body, every system on board your vehicle is essential for the healthy operation of the whole. In order to keep your car healthy, you need to perform some essential maintenance services. Fortunately, you can do some of them yourself!

While some problems need the help of a professional-and you’ll probably want to leave your brake repairs to someone who knows exactly what they’re doing-there is still some basic maintenance that you can do on your car at home. Mississauga Kia has basic car maintenance tips on things like how to change your oil, how to maintain your tires, fuel, and perform basic engine maintenance:

If something seems out of your scope of expertise, don’t risk it! To prevent potential damage to your vehicle or yourself when performing any of our basic maintenance procedures, we strongly recommend that you book a service appointment with Mississauga Kia for expert advice and quality service. You can also phone our service department directly. for professional maintenance advice.

Mississauga Kia has factory-trained technicians and genuine Kia parts to service your vehicle properly. Inadequate, incomplete, or insufficient servicing may result in operational problems with your vehicle that could lead to vehicle damage, an accident, or personal injury. We’re just a short drive away from Oakville, Milton, Bramton, and Toronto.

Responsibility of the Owner
If you choose to do your own maintenance, it is your responsibility to retain maintenance and service records to show that your vehicle has been properly cared for. This information is required to show that you have complied with the servicing and maintenance requirements set out in your Kia Warranty. Detailed warranty information is provided in your Warranty Information Manual.