Special 2-Year Auto Lease Program

2 Year Leasing Program - Mississauga Kia

Special 2-Year Auto Lease Program

Mississauga Kia provides a two-year lease option for those interested in a short term lease! 

There are plenty of benefits to leasing an automobile. You get a full manufacturer’s warranty coverage, reasonable monthly payments and the ability to drive newer vehicles with updated technology much sooner. At Mississauga Kia, we offer a special 2-year Kia lease program available with certain vehicles.  While there are plenty of online calculators that can help determine your payments, there is no replacement for speaking with a specialist.

What are the typical lease periods?

Lease periods are typically three to four years long (36 to 48 months), but they can be as long as five years and as little as two. How long of a lease period you sign up for is one factor determining how much you will pay per month. Contact Mississauga Kia for our inventory of vehicles available for two-year leasing.

I’d like to learn more!

You’re one more step closer to getting the vehicle of your dreams! Fill in the form on this page, and our specialists will get in touch with you and answer all the questions you have about 2-year car leasing in Mississauga. 

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