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With our free, online tool, shopping for the right all-season tires in Mississauga has never been more convenient. Simply choose the year, the make and the model of your vehicle, and we will quickly find the best tires for you.

What’s the difference between summer and all-season tires?

In short, the choice between all-season or summer tires comes down to whether you want better all-round performance in all conditions, or better performance for normal, dry and warm weather conditions.

All-season tires have a better overall balance of grip for times when the road is wet, cooler, or even with some snow. That’s because they have deeper tread and are made to be more durable.

Summer tires, meanwhile, have treads that are more shallow and tend not to last as long, but offer better grip for steering, braking and cornering during your typical hot and sunny day. So whether you buy a set of summer or all-season tires for driving in Toronto should depend on what you value more.

All-Season Tires in Mississauga

Canada is ready to say goodbye to cold weather! And as the temperatures start rising, at Mississauga Kia we recommend that you get ready to replace your Kia’s winter tires with all-season tires. If you’re confused about the right time to make this change, we say follow the weather forecast. When you notice that the daily low temperatures are consistently above freezing and there are no more long-term snow forecasts, you should book that tire-change appointment.

At our store, we often get questions like why are all-season tires important, what’s the right kind of tire to use for different vehicles, etc. That’s why we’ve compiled a FAQ section that’s below to answers some of your tire-related queries. Check below:


Here are the answers to some tire-related questions that you ask us. If you have more questions, feel free to call us or drop in, and we’ll be happy to help you!

What are the criteria that you should keep in mind while buying a new set of all-season tires?

There are three things that you should keep in mind if you’re thinking about buying a new set of all-season tires.
The first factor that will influence your decision is the type of vehicle you own. For example, if you own a minivan, you’ll need a different kind of all-season tire than the one you’ll get fitted if you drive an SUV.

The second thing to consider is your driving habits. The type of tire you’ll buy will be dependent on whether you drive mostly within the city or on highways.

The last and most important factor that will decide your purchase decision is your budget. While it’s true that often a tire’s quality is proportional to its price, it’s not always true. Some tires are affordable as well as high-performing. You may need to do an extra bit of research or get the right guidance to find the best tires in your budget.

What should you look for when comparing the all-season tires in the market?

Treadwear and tire speed are important elements that decide the quality of any tire, including your all-season tires.

The treadwear grade is related to the expected life of the tire. The amount of tread on a tire is critical in determining how well it will vacate water to maintain contact with the road in the rain. If your tires wear out quickly, your safety may be at risk. Therefore higher the treadwear of your tire, the better is its quality.

The tire speed rating is the maximum speed that a tire can safely carry a load for a sustained amount of time in ideal conditions.

Tire companies offer tires with different treadwear and tire speed. Go online to do your research and read reviews car owners who’ve used their products. This will help you understand the benefits and downsides of each brand.

Where do you need to go to buy all-season tires?

We always recommend that you buy your tires from a licensed dealer.

Do you need to change all four tires into all-season tires?

Yes, we advise that all four tires be the same make, model, and design.