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Service FAQ

Service FAQ

How do I find out if there is a recall or service bulletin on my car?
If there is a recall on your vehicle, you will receive a letter in the mail from Kia Motors. In addition, you can always call in and ask one of our service advisors or visit the recall page on the Kia Canada website, where you can enter your car's VIN to determine any outstanding recalls on your vehicle.

Where can I find information regarding Kia vehicle recalls?
Any Kia vehicle recall or product update information can be found on the Kia Canada website or by asking Mississauga Kia's service department. Your Vehicle Identification Number will be required to check for any recalls. If you ever move, please let Kia Canada know your new address, so we can ensure you receive any future recall notices.

When I have to stop quickly, my anti-lock brakes vibrate or pulsate. Is there something wrong with them?
It is not a cause for concern if you experience your brakes vibrating or pulsating when you come to a sudden stop, this is precisely what an anti-lock braking system (ABS) does. When you brake hard on a car without ABS, you will often lock up one or more wheels depending on speed, road conditions, etc.

On a car with ABS, your foot should remain firmly on the brake pedal, allowing the system to automatically pump the brakes. The vibrating and pulsating you feel is the on/off pressure of the automated pumping of the brakes. You should manually pump the brakes on a car without ABS to prevent wheel lockup.

Does using air conditioning affect my fuel economy?
In slow driving or in traffic, your vehicle will consume more fuel with the A/C on. However, it has been proven that if you are travelling at highway speeds (80 km/h or higher), driving with the A/C off and the windows down increases drag to the point of actually increasing your fuel consumption. For maximum fuel efficiency, save air conditioning for the highway.

If I get work done at another service centre am I still covered under warranty?
If it is another certified Kia dealership, then yes you are still fully covered. If the work is performed at another service center it voids the warranty if they use aftermarket parts. If they use genuine OEM Kia parts your warranty will be fine but you must have the receipts to prove it should there be a problem. Make sure to check your warranty guide and owner's manual for model specific warranty information.

Why does my car pull to the left?
It could be a number of things, your alignment is probably off due to either low tire pressure, brake binding, a weak suspension spring or shock absorber or even simply hitting a curb or pothole may have misaligned the wheel. In order to correct your alignment, you will need to come in for a service appointment.

How do I obtain information on the fuel economy ratings for my vehicle?
You can obtain more information by visiting the Natural Resources Canada website. Remember that the ratings listed are illustrated for comparing one model to another, to determine which model is relatively more or less fuel efficient. The ratings are reached in laboratory conditions and your actual fuel economy results may vary. The ministry's website describes the many factors that could affect your vehicle's actual fuel consumption.

I've lost my owner's manual. How can I get a new one?
Most recent owner's manuals are still available. They can be ordered and purchased for a reasonable cost through our Parts Department.

Do you offer a shuttle service?
Yes, we do. Our shuttle runs from 8 am to 5 pm and go as far north as Derry Road, as far east as Dixie Road, west to the Third Line, and south to Lakeshore Road.

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