Kia Service & Parts Department In Mississauga

Ordering Kia genuine parts and having your Kia in for scheduled maintenance does not have to be a headache. Mississauga Kia’s automotive service and parts department will have you back on the road in no time! Our certified mechanics have extensive knowledge on the complete line of Kia vehicles, and that means we can accurately diagnose and repair your vehicle better than anyone else. Being a Kia dealership doesn’t mean we strictly service only Kia vehicles-we can provide repair and maintenance for all makes and models at very competitive prices! Don’t forget to check out our service specials and parts specials.

When you’re ready to order your parts or schedule an appointment, contact us online or phone our Parts & Service Department. We’re open from Monday to Saturday, with convenient hours, so you can drop by whenever you need. We’re just a short drive from Oakville, Brampton, Milton, and Toronto.

Quality OEM Kia Parts
Just like any other vehicle, a healthy-running Kia depends on quality parts. At Mississauga Kia’s Service & Parts Center, we use only genuine Kia components to repair and maintain your vehicle. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Kia parts come from the same manufacturers who equipped your vehicle at the factory. If you want your Kia to perform as well as the day it left the assembly line, then OEM parts are what you want.

How do I get add-on accessories?
Like replacement parts, some add-on accessories are factory authorized while others are produced in the aftermarket by third parties. Depending on the popularity of a vehicle, a variety of special components exist to modify it. Engine enhancements, body kits, interior pieces, electronics, exhaust systems, wheels, and tires are among the many elements that contribute to customization. Some accessories are available through our Parts & Service Department, while others may only be available through aftermarket suppliers or online.

How much notice do I need to give to make a service appointment?
We do take day-of walk-ins, but we encourage you to call ahead whenever possible if you need to come in for any service in order to minimize your wait time. In most cases, one day in advance should be ample time to get a service appointment. If you fill out our online service appointment, we will respond within 30 minutes during regular business hours.

Mississauga Kia Shuttle Service
Our shuttle runs from 8am to 5pm and goes as far north as Derry Road, as far east as Dixie Road, west to Third Line, and south to Lakeshore Road.

Kia Scheduled Maintenance
The maintenance schedule laid out in your Kia’s owner’s manual isn’t just a suggestion. While your vehicle may be able to run well past its service interval, you could be causing excessive wear that would result in more expensive repairs in the future. For things like oil changes, the conditions that you drive in will also affect your service intervals. If your vehicle goes through a lot of stop-and-go traffic, cold-weather driving, or if you drive on gravel roads then your car may require shorter service intervals. Ask us when your car is due for scheduled maintenance and we’ll help you keep your Kia running at its peak.
Kia Oil Changes
Some people say that “oil is oil,” but there’s a lot more to it than that. It’s important to use the right kind of oil, and the right amount, for your vehicle’s engine. When you bring your Kia in for its warranty-approved oil change, we make sure that your engine gets the proper viscosity and oil type for your needs. We can also give you the option of synthetic vs. regular oil. If you’ve ever tried to do an oil change service yourself, then you may know the dangers of over-filling or under-filling your oil pan. When you trust the job to the professionals with a warranty-approved oil change, you can be sure your Kia is serviced right. Book your express lube and oil change online.

Kia Repairs
Transmission replacements, head gasket repairs, exhaust fixes-it doesn’t matter whether the job is large or small; Mississauga Kia’s highly qualified technicians will take care of it. Are your brakes feeling spongy, pulling to one side, or pulsating on braking? Make a stop at our auto brake repair shop and we’ll diagnose it right away. We’re fully equipped to take care of all of the other essential safety systems on board your vehicle.